How to mange users via the Insights admin and not via orchestrator

I am using the Insights 2020.10.2 version and I would like to mange the users via the Insights admin web.
I connected the Insight to the active directory and I mange to get the users from there and assign them to a group and share the dashboard to them.
The problem is that when the log to Insights it redirects them to the orchestrator web and the do not have access the orchestrator.
Is there a way to separate between the users mange in orchestrator and users mange in insights?
Thank you very much!


I think you can
Actually it’s not exactly between insights and orchestrator
But is between insights and automation cloud

So you can manage the users with insights in specific

Cheers @Amit_Bendet

@Palaniyappan Thank you for your quick reply!
I am using the on-prem version so i am not connected to the cloud…

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But that should be fine I believe

Were you able to manage users in insights with your on Prem


@Palaniyappan What I used to do is add all the Insight users to orch and then gave them a role just for Insight.
But I found out that there is a mange users in the insight admin, but if I set the user from insight admin they cant login because it redirects them to login via orch

The problem was that Insight moved the users to a landing page in the Orchestrator and that’s why I didn’t mange to connect them to the landing page for Insight!
After switching the landing pages - the users are now being taking from the Insight users and not from the Orchestrator users.
Thank you every one for the help!

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