How to make process logic for checking 2 columns data's are matched or not?

Hello, all
I’d like to make sequence for compare DATE information.
1st column is Korean Public Holiday and 2nd column is Today Date. I’d like to compare A:A data and B$1$ data and if it is matched, show True or False.
After that, I’ll use If condition…If result is true.then next action…something like that. Could you please help for this? Pls, refer to attached.
image holiday_test.xlsx (8.3 KB)
Date_Comparison.xaml (10.6 KB)


Refer to below post…It will give you a matching dates data table in return…

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Hello, what does Parse the systemdate…?
I’m facing below error and could find root cause of it…

Hi @Dorothy_lee can u show the condition in if activitiy which is used ?

@NIVED_NAMBIAR Hello, oh… it’s just resolved …!!! Thank you for asking
Used following condition ! row(“KR Holiday”).ToString=systemdate

Thank you!! It’s working

Great…All the best…

Could you please recommend any activities for counting Match result?
I’d like to count up when Match result is existed than use IF condition .

Hi @Dorothy_lee
i am not cleared with your query

can u explain a little well?

Sorry for lack of information!
Currently, I’m checking whether today date is matched with Excel A1:A32 data as below.
It’s checking each row one by one and shows Match or No Matach

But the final goal is if Robot finds even 1 match result, I’d like to proceed next action. If there is no Match result than do others
I’m thinking that if save data with Count(Match data) and if count >0 than do something , if count =0 do others.
Could you please provide some advise…?

In that sequence where the message box display Match, u can put ur action which need to be done for matching

@NIVED_NAMBIAR but the problem is is show the result 32 times … It’s checking each low. It means it’s rooping 32 times. Isn’t it ?

Yes @Dorothy_lee

When u are putting sequence in the matches , then it will execute whenever it meets the condition

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