How to make google sheet not change the format of my columns?

Hello, I am trying to write data of a datatable in google sheet but I have a problem since when writing the data the format changes.

For example, I need to write the number 0123 but when I write it in google sheet the number becomes 123. Also with the date 09/10/2021 it becomes 2021-09-10utc00:00:00.

Is there a way to write data and make it the same as it is in the datatable?
Something like change google sheet formatting to plain text?

iā€™m using gsuite activities :smiley:

Thank you!!

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Hi, If you want to write ā€œ0123ā€ in google sheet, you can try to write


in google sheet.

Change variable from

YourVariable to " ā€™ " + YourVariable

(String concat with +)

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