How to loop and get column names inside a for each row?

I did use read range to read an excel and use for each row to loop , I wanted to print each column names , how do we do that inside a for each ? Thanks guys


You can use like below

Use For Each Activitiy instead of For Each Row

Give as below

ForEach item in Dynamic_DT.Columns

So you can get the columnName by placing a messagebox inside the foreach and use item.ToString

Follow Link

Hope this clears you


Is there a way @Srini84 that I will only check the first row column? and not everything ?!

for example I only wanted to check the first row column which are Order date , region , items unit , unit costs and total and dont include the other columns



You need only first column name or first row Column Value?

Please clear this


I need the first column names only


Try like below

Hope this helps you


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