How to learn LINQ?

What are the resources to learn LINQ from beginner level to advanced level, so that it can be used in Uipath. Please suggest the websites, video tutorials, online courses, forum posts etc. Preference should be given to instead of c#.

@kumar.varun2 - These are some of the LINQ tutorials websites suggested by ppr in this forum…

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Hi @kumar.varun2,

I am new to Linq as well and my only resource currently has been the forum. The forum is filled with a lot of Linq experts.

  1. I like to read and study forum answers, especially those which are solved using Linq queries. Solutions from @ppr, @Yoichi and @dtila (advent challenge using Linq) are the ones you want to study. I mean really study!
  2. I also try to replicate what I see in the forums on a dummy dataset.

You can do this by searching for Linq and the @ forum user name.

  1. Both @dtila and @shubhiyadav share their know how through YouTube videos
    Daniel - UiPath LINQ introduction - how you develop your robots faster - YouTube
    Anmol - LINQ query in UiPath | Part 4 | Compact your code with the help of LINQ query - YouTube

That my two cents :slight_smile:

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currently I am bringing a LINQ starter tutorial from draft to final status.


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