How to know which activity thrown error?

Hello experts !
I want to know which activity thrown error with their Activity name which some error are found and that are fetched by catch block.

Please refer to screenshot.

As per Picture, if some system exception is found I want to log the activity name.
For example: "Exception got at : " + “Click ‘Triggers’” .


What you are using is correct…but there is some
Limitation to it…exception.source works only when you have a try catch around a invoke workflow file and then error occurs inside the invoke workflow file then you would get the source or the name of the activity…if the error is in same xaml then try catch in that xaml will not give the mame instead gives the activity type

Hope this helps


Hey @prabin_chand1

Are you using the RE Framework in your project?



you can try this too:
for each xaml define a variable called : xamlDescription then just fill in default value with title of xaml or a short description

then in catch block just print something like this
"Exception occured at "+xamlDesciption+", message: "+exception.Message

no, i have not used REF


You should add logs between each activity to better debug each click activity.

If you were using the RE Framework the source activity name (aka “Click ‘Triggers’”) would be logged in a workflow called “SetTransactionStatus”. You can check out this tutorial:

Option 1: Very basic (but not scalable)
Is it just three click activities? If so, you could try catch each with the source name in the catch. This is not a scalable solution though.

Option 2: Scalable and basic
If that is not an option, surround all activities into a sequence, then click “Extract as Workflow” and call it ‘NavigateTo_Orchestrator’ (or whatever). Then try catch this workflow (like @Anil_G suggested) with the source activity.

Hopefully this advice helps.



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