How to kill session



i am very new to RPA, how to set up a file which will kill process , like closing excel or doing end process tree for an any .exe


@sarfarazp, Refer this,

We have lot of related answers in forum as well
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Hi sarfarazp,

Use “Kill Process” activity, set “Process Name” property with the name of the process which you want to kill, in task manager find your process in Processes tab then right click on the name and select “Go to details” , you will get the process name, it should be like processname.exe.



If you want to kill excel application you can use EXCEL.EXE in process name


Hi @sarthakj,

Use Kill Process activity and In Properties give Process Name as EXCEL



Make sure you are not killing others process (if multi login)

If(proc.StartInfo.EnvironmentVariables("USERNAME") = Environment.UserName)
   Kill Proc