How to kill process for specific (current) user

Kill Process activity is killing the process across all users. I have searched on forum but couldn’t find an exact solution. I want to kill the process for a specific user on the machine. Any ideas?

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Use .bat file
taskkill /f /t /im iexplore.exe /fi “USERNAME eq %USERNAME%”
Open .bat file using Start Process activity

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get the current user name by Environment.UserName .

Add check in the if condition that processName=“YourProcessName” AND UserName= Environment.UserName

then kill process


with myPID = Process.GetCurrentProcess.SessionID
you will get a marker of current user

getting the processes by name
currentProcessByName = Process.GetProcessByName(YourProcessName)

filtering to current user:
UserProcess = currentProcessByName.Where(Function (x) x.SessionId=myPID ).toArray

for a defensive kill have a look here and just combine both approaches:

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Thanks all guys. This solution was easy to use for me instead of using a bat file. I have done it using if else.

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Can you please tell me how exactly?

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We added an option in kill process activity to kill process per user, and per session(useful for PiP, since user is same from parent session).
This is from 21.4 System Activity pack. 21.4-beta is already available in the official feed.