How to keep data and the blank rows between data

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How to keep data and the blank rows between data. For ex :


row 3 to 7 need to be kept.

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use with the modern excel activity


Hi @Shiva_Nikhil , sorry, what i mean was to keep data and blank rows between the data

Hi @Suastrian_Dika ,

Could you let us know what is your Expected Output ?

Currently if we do try with the Read Range activity I believe it will also retain those blank values as is in the Datatable.

Hi @supermanPunch ,

@Suastrian_Dika ,

Did you manage to Try with Read Range activity and write the read data to a Different Sheet using Write Range activity and check whether the data representation is proper ?

Let us know if this is not what was expected and provide more details on what actually needs to be done.

Hi @supermanPunch, the blank rows are 1,2,8, and 9, just want to retain blank rows on 5 and 6

@Suastrian_Dika ,

In that case, Maybe you could check the below :

DT = DT.AsEnumerable.Skipwhile(Function(x)String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(x(0).ToString)).CopyToDatatable

DT = DT.AsEnumerable.Reverse.Skipwhile(Function(x)String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(x(0).ToString)).Reverse.CopyToDatatable

Debug Panel :

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Thank you @supermanPunch

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