How to join the string in every 3 rows and make and write in one cell?

Hi All,

I have a situation wherein my raw data wrote from the excel and formed as in 1 column.
My expected output is in every 3 rows they must join like in one sentence and write in one cell of the excel sheet.

In the attached file, the “yellow column” is my raw data and I want to make it the output like in the “Green one”.

Does anyone here how?convert to series 0

data.xaml (10.3 KB)

Hi @Ru_eL

Attaching the sample xaml file on doing the above problem

Nived N


It’s cool! This is what I’m looking for!

Thank you!

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By the way, after I ran your script, the j, k, l are not captured and write to the “Output” sheet.

So I’ve tried modify some values, luckily they captured but other letters will missing.

Hi @Ru_eL
would u please sent the excel file ?

Book1.xlsx (8.7 KB)
This is my excel file.

By the way, before I run your script, I just uncheck the “add header” under write range activity.

Hi @Ru_eL

Sorry there need to be a small correction in logic

check this screenshot


Also uncheck the headers option in write range

Nived N

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