How to invoke JAVA code in uipath?

I am New to Uipath can anyone help how to invoke a java code into uipath?

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Hello @poornima_puligadda,

I guess so there is no activity in uipath to call java code like "Inject js script’.
what do you want to do with code in uipath?


how to select dynamic elements in uipath?

you can use variables and initialize them and put in selector at appropriate place/attributes.

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@poornima_puligadda,Select the element and change the selector to dynamic so that it works with all elements

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Thanks :grinning::grinning:

You can now invoke java with new UiPath Beta version


Hello bala_subramanyam,

i was wondering if you already made first experiences using the Java Activities Package? If so do you have an example of your work?

I am looking forward to your response.

Kind regards

Not yet man :slight_smile:

Trying creating a stand-alone app in java or a package, and call it in uipath. Please check How to Make Executable (exe) for Java Application with Launch4J - YouTube or installation - How can I convert my Java program to an .exe file? - Stack Overflow

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@poornima_puligadda See the below link.

Example :