How to install and call Powershell Module in 2023.4 vs older version?

I have recently upgraded to Studio 2023.4.
After this, my Invoke-Powershell does not work.
I have Powershell 5.x on my machine. In this version I have installed module PnP.PowerShell using “Install-Module” and set the correct ExecutionPolicy. This automation has been running flawlessly, calling and using functions in my module, for over a year.

After upgrade my script cannot find the module PnP.PowerShell, it says the command is not recognized, indicating that it is not loaded into the execution environment.

I believe the activity “Invoke-PowerShell” executes a shell that I have no control over and that my module is not installed to, nor my execution policy set. I believe its version 7.1 of PowerShell that somehow is bundled with the 2023.4 Studio - am I correct? If so: How can I install the module to this “bundled” 7.1 version ?


It might be 32bit/64bit matter. Did you convert your project to Windows or create new window project, and previously use Windows-legacy? If so, the following might help you.