How to infinite loop in try catch?

I have a workflow that errors out usually due to external issue with the far side (or some other causes). So if any errors occurs then it will restart the same process.

I had already put my entire workflow into trycatch block… its working properly if errors occurs at first time then it goes in catch block … if error occur in catch block its throwing me an error. and my process is getting stopped.

Is there any way to loop this method?

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Hi @Vinit_Mhatre ,

Just thought from my side but not a best practice though.

Could you pls create one more try catch in the catch block activities avoid this issue. Thanks.


  1. First pls find the reason which causes this exception

  2. Then if it is not really solvable then for the above question

Use try catch and keep your set of sequence or activities inside that Try block and just have a log message in catch block
Don’t keep the same set of activities again in catch block

  1. Now Right click that entire try catch activity and click on CUT

  2. Then use a RETRY SCOPE and inside the action part paste the above copied try catch

  3. Don’t use any condition in retry scope. Let it be blank
    And mention the number of retries u want to be there in retry scope property

Hope this would help you

Cheers @Vinit_Mhatre

what is the limit for numberofretries in retry scope? i want to set it for unlimited times

What about this? will it work properly?

There is no limit
But keeping to infinite definitely not a good practice because if the bot fails for thousand times will it be fine for you to wait for 1000 times

So have it to certain number which is a ideal case
Cheers @Vinit_Mhatre

should i keep it as blank?

If it is kept as blank the number of retries will take a default value as 3


Okay got it …
Thanks its working properly :slight_smile:

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Glad it got resolved

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