How to include foreach loop under HTML body

Hi guys,

I am trying displayed data from variable (or if possible every single item(row) from for each loop - under HTML body (during sending an email)
So before sending en email, i am getting data from collection (or from file - i have tried different options)
Then i am trying pass this variable to HMTL body. And it works. but… i am getting only one item from collection(probably last one)

Collection contains few items. SO when i am doing “For Each” loop and i am getting every single item from collection (Every item should be displayed under new line)

Lets say my colection contains 3 items: (List of strings)
Name1, SureName1, DateFrom1, DateTo1, DocumentType1
Name2, SureName2, DateFrom2, DateTo2, DocumentType2
Name3, SureName3, DateFrom3, DateTo3, DocumentType3

So now under HTML body i want to displayed all items in new line
And now instead of “daDuplicatedValue” variable (which is displaying only one item) How to display all items?


Surename Name Date from Date to Document Type

Hope i was clear.

Sorry, html table here:

Hi @luksusq,

If i am wrong.Please correct me.Html table should be like

You need to pass 5 td inside each td you need to pass item(0),item(1)

Omkar P

Yeah it make sensie. I will try this approach

Iterate collection list and each time.

Using JavaScript (Inject JS Script activity) pass the require value as input and create html document tag(TR, TD) and append them in table.