How to import sqlite3 in uipath?

I am trying to import sqlite3 using python package.
Other imports are executed normally, but only sqlite3 is not executed.

The error log is as follows: Python Scope: Pipe is broken.

My python version is 3.6, sqlite3 is 2.6.0.


And I used code properties.


Pls check this thread for an idea

Cheers @gu.seunghoe

Thank you for answer.
I was able to import sqlite3 normally in the anaconda virtual environment.

Instead of load script to import a library
Let’s save that script as a py file using notepad

And again using notepad create a .bat file like this

“Your Python.exe filepath” “your py filepath”

Then pass the filepath of that .bat file in START PROCESS activity as input

This will run in cmd window

Cheers @gu.seunghoe

It doesn’t work. What’s the problem?

Ok. I solved it.
When creating the anaconda virtual environment, sqlite3 was not automatically added.
I manually downloaded sqlite3 and put it in the virtual environment path/DLLs.

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