How to implement API AUTOTASK with UIPATH

Hi everyone, I hope that you are okey.
I would like to learn about how to use API of the aplication AUTOTASK with Uipath.
Anybody know about that?
How can I do the conection?, How ca I obtein data? etc…
if you have any example about that, please shared with me.

Thanks a lot!

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Do you have the API details? If so, you can use the build in HTTPS API tool in UiPath. you’ll be able to authenticate and add parameters to get the job done.

If you don’t have the details of the AutoTask API’s then you might want to ask them directly for any documentation they may be able to provide.

Yes, I have the document, but I dont understand how exactly use that.

Api Autotask

If could yo do an example with api, great!