How to ignore first 2 sheet from each excel without deleting and merge excel into one

I have 4 excel of same format, I need to merge those 4 excel data to one excel which again same format. each excel got similar 5 sheets and need to merge data of only 3 sheets(out of 4 different excel) in one . How to do this ? any help

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Hi @monishanair2010,

You will get much more support if you share the sample inputs and what you want to see in the output.


List_of_Files = Directory.getFiLes(Fol_Name)

For Each (File)
Inside For Each use Excel App Scope
Inside this …Use Get Workbook sheets
Take assign …Get_sheets.Take(3).Toarray
Take For each … Pass (Arr_Sheets variable)
Inside For Each …Use Read Range ( Pass Sheet name as item)
Use Merge Datatable to Merge the All the sheets Data.

Hey @monishanair2010

If you know only these are the sheets to be taken then you can read data from only those sheet names and write to the final Excel

Hope that helps.