How to get white space in between regex?

Hello Everyone,
I had a scenario to get the whitespace also as value including the matched values. Please Refer below Example
Ex: Regex Pattern [0-9]

In this Example we are only getting the Values but we need to get the empty value also.

have a look here:
it has 4 matches and this is correct as there is no space between 2 and 3, we just see the line break.

for reference with a space between 2 and 3

hi @ppr,
Thank you for your response.
The spacing is not the static one but its dynamic. Please find the excel file attached. I’m using regex match and taking the output as ienumerable. I need the values including spaces.
regex.txt (48 Bytes)

Check this attached workflow Uipath_RegexMatchEmptyValues.xaml (5.2 KB).
Hope this may help you :slight_smile:

Thanks @Manish540

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