How to get value from specific key in FormTaskData?


I have created a Form Task to be assigned as a task. The user who completes the task inputs an Integer value in this case, which is then received via a Wait For Task and Resume activity.

I can use which returns for example {“intVal”: 123} if the user input is 123.

Assuming I had multiple key values and I want to fetch a value by name, like “intVal” in this case which would return 123, how would I do that?


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Hi JonAndri,

The output from the activity ‘Wait for Form Task and Resume’ is of type FormTaskData. Say the output variable from this activity is named as ‘test’

  1. Create a string variable( say t1). Use assign activity to assign the value. Value would be: test.Data.Tostring(t1 = test.Data.Tostring)
  2. Create a separate Flowchart and pass t1 as input argument.
  3. Use ‘DeserializeJson’ activity to get the JObject. Say the output in your case is t2. ({“intVal”: 123})
  4. Now you can get the value of specific element you want. (t2.item(“intVal”).tostring)
  5. Invoke this workflow in the Flowcahrt in which you have created the Task.

@juveria.siddiqui gracias!!!

@juveria.siddiqui I am unable to fetch details using above steps…not getting item

Could you please help?

@rodrigoneira Was this issue resolved by using above steps ?

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si se resolvió,


It was resolved by “Get Json Object” internal method of Formtaskobject.