How to get total number of records from SQL Table?

This is my Table in SQL want to get the total number of rows from this table i.e, 12
This is my logic behind this, but its giving the output as : “1”

from docu we see:


  • DataTable - The output of the SQL command wrapped in a DataTable variable.

with the assumption of Output is the result of the query returned by the activity

e.g. immediate panel and outputing the Output variable

Yeah i tried to add write range activity after excute query…
i am getting proper output here… but i am not getting how to print it inside the message box

but we asked for checking it within debug and panels

as a datatable is returned we would assume that Output.Rows(0)(0).toString would work, but can be crosschecked within the debug / analysis run

Yeah i checked in Local panel, In there “output” variable stored this value “[Column112]”

Thanks , Output.Rows(0)(0).toString is working

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