How to get the value of checkboxes in excel table

hi guye , i have an excel table that has checkboxes in it and i want to go through the checkboxes one by one and use an if condition to decide what to do depending on the checkbox value if its 1 or 0

700FIN.xlsx (13.0 KB)

this attached one forr example i want to read the value of the checkbox in each row and based on the value i will use an if condition to retrieve the number in column a if the value of checkbox is true for example

any ideas?

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Hey @kamal_hamad,

Quite interesting problem. But yeah here is the way… (3.0 KB)

You can now get the respective checkbox values into UiPath workflow to process accordingly.

Please find the above workflow attached.

Any queries please let me know

Happy Automation :slight_smile:


thaaaaat was quite fast hahaha

thaaaaank you so much bro that really helped

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Pleasure :slight_smile:

Thanks, Let me know for any queries

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