How to get the sum of specific rows in excel


How to get the sum of specific rows, below is my input

and i want output as below

Hi @bhanu.priya2

Are the Cell value fixed for “Revenue” and “Other Income”.



Check this out:

Hi @bhanu.priya2

Try this expression

(From d in dtData.AsEnumerable Where Not (isNothing(d(1)) OrElse String.IsNullorEmpty(d(1).toString.Trim)) Select v = CDbl(d(1).toString.Trim)).Sum(Function (x) x)

d(1) → ColumnNameOrIndezx


yes, it is fixed

Hi Gokul,

Thanks for your reply, but how do i mention the column name? please check the below expression and let me know and also please tell me the type of varibale?

(From d in Summary1.AsEnumerable Where Not (isNothing(d(“GL Code mapping”)) OrElse String.IsNullorEmpty(d(“R10”).toString.Trim)) Select v = CDbl(d(“R11”).toString.Trim)).Sum(Function (x) x)

See below is my excel sheet and column name is GL code mapping but i want the sum of revenue from operations and other income row…

Hi Gokul,

Please reply on this.
Thanks in advance

Hi @bhanu.priya2,

You can directly use a write cell activity in the desired cell and pass the excel formula in write cell activity value part like “=SUM(A1,A2)” example.


Hi @bhanu.priya2,

You can also use Lookup Datatable in order to store the values as variables, sum them and then write the result with write cell in the desired cell.

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