How to get the setting from config file to a variable in UiPath Studio?

I am not sure how to use the config file in the RE Framework. Can someone advise if my understanding is correct or not?

My understanding:
Users can put the setting/ asset in the config file. Then, users can use some functions in RE framework to get the config file to convert it to variable in UiPath Studio??
(e.g: I put a URL in the setting tab, then if a particular function is used in UiPath Studio, the URL can be stored in a variable?)

Please advise what function/ activity I should use. Thanks.


@katylsy - In RE framework you can find a folder Framework it includes A workflow InitAllSettings.xaml
Go through that I am sure you will understand that how can you retrieve values from config file
It just read the data from different sheets of config and store values and settings name in a dictionary which can be extracted as and when needed.

Let say if I want to open a webpage and I stored the URL in the config file setting tab.
All I need to do is to put the open browser activity into “Process Transaction” in the RE Framework. And then put “System1URL” in the URL field inside the “Open Browser” activity and there is no need to create variable??

Yes until unless your variable gets that value. Please check InitAllSettings.xaml in order to understand how the values are fetched and used.

So i can give you a brief of the process to help you understand.

  1. You added the entries in the config file
  2. When you run the reframework or how its built is that it reads the config file when it runs and creates a Dictionary (Key-Value) variable that is already defined in the framework.
  3. The variable is available globally through out the process as Congif in Main and in_Config in all the sub processes.
  4. So when you want to use the value of key System1URL all you need to do is write a expression in_Config(“System1URL”).toString and it will give you the value.
  5. In the framework you actually create variables for these values in the invoke workflows lie in_system1url and you assign the above expression to it.
  6. Then inside in open browser you use in_system1url and it done.

Let me know if its helpful


I think I am getting closer to it. However, I got a blank URL when I tried to run the process.

For step 4, may I know where should I put the System1URL = in_Config(“System1URL”).toString? I think I may did something wrong for this step

Oh, it works now. I can get the URL from the config file finally!!


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