How to get the Rowindex within Lambda function

Hi, I am trying to get the rowindex of a datable with the following method:

assigns: i = From p In dt.Rows.IndexOf(Where p.Item(0).ToString.Equals("…"))

Why I need the index ? To overwrite the row with write range.

give atry on following:

left side: arrIdx (integer array)
right side:

(From i in Enumerable.Range(0, yourDataTableVar.Rows.Count)
Where yourDataTableVar.Rows(i)(0).toString.Trim.Equals("…")
Select i).toArray

you will retrieve all matching index or an empty array if there were no matches found

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Hi ppr, thanks.
Can you elaborate your code ? I don’t understand this part:

why are you trimming it ?

also why do I need to set a range. And why Enumerable ?

derived from your inputs a statement was formulated to retrieve an int array with indexes of the rows within a datatable matching a particular value for a particular column

The main idea of statement is:

  • Create a sequence with all row indexes
  • filter out the the indexes where the column test is not valid
  • return the result as an integer array

we do a trim when we check with equals to be more defensive when data comes e.g. from excel and risks that undetected blanks are trailing, leading (feel free to remove it)

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Other way like below

Where(Function(i) YourDataTable.Rows(i)(0).ToString().Equals("…")).

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Thank you park. Always good to have alternative solutions.

Thanks for the explanation

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