How to get the Excel cell value in Number format


I am trying to get the Excel cell value with ReadCell Activity and Generic value is Datatype. but when any value comes with Zero BOT used to take text value and lost the zeros. I want to value as it is without missing zeros.

Like below screen shot, Currently I am getting 6.66 value. Need 6.6600.

@nilesh.mahajan - please give it a try as shown below…


thnx Prasanth, its working as per expectation.

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@nilesh.mahajan - Good to know…Keep this page handy for your reference …Very useful for numeric format

but just check one more example where I just put the value as 6.66. So now it take value 6.6600. It should take only 6.66

My main moto is to validate the Excel cell value with ERP value to process further, Hence If in Excel template value mentioned as 6.6600 BOT should get that and if value will just 6.66 BOT should pickup only 6.66


@nilesh.mahajan - Based on your initial requirement I have assumed that all your column values are of 4 decimal points…


Yes, I got the logic and implemented.
I will check the value first, If it contains Decimal point then Only I used above logic or else I will keep it as it is.

thnx for support

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