How to get the difference btw the count of working days comparing with other date column

Hi Team,

Kindly find the below screenshot FYR, there is round() formula in arrears column which is marked in yellow so now i need to apply the same formula to entire arrears column…

for ex: as shown in the below screenshot, i will give you a brief description of Round () formula in brackets =Round(J36(Paid amount column)/22(number of current month working days)*-12(getting the date difference between LWD column and current month working days),2(constant number))

here -12 is the challenge, i want to calculate this number as below.

consider we are in Jan so, we have 22 working days in Jan month also in LWD we have 13-Jan-2023, now i need to get the difference btw LWD column and Jan month

so the difference btw LWD column and jan month working days is ( 13-jan-2023-31-jan-2023 ) = -12

Please help me how do i achieve this

Hi @bhanupriya.cb ,
Use below formula to get count of workday