T dates on different tasks

Moinu.xlsx (10.5 KB)

This is the excel file. Based on MicroTaskName and workingdays we have to calculate the date of a week.
For example : If the MicroTaskName is TaskTwo and working days is 6 days. If the date start from 9-10-2017.

for TaskTwo 1st day i have to display date 9-10-2017
for TaskTwo 2nd day i have to display date 10-10-2017
for TaskTwo 3rd day i have to display date 11-10-2017
for TaskTwo 4th day i have to display date 12-10-2017
TaskTwo 5th day i have to display date 13-10-2017 here(14th,15th is saturday and sunday so we have to skip sat&sun)
for TaskTwo 6thday i have to display date 16-10-2017

This is the workflow Main.xaml (19.6 KB)

The problem is In MicroTaskName column in the excel there are different Tasks which start from different dates
for TaskTwo start day starts from 9-10-2017 & working days is 6(so from TaskTwo1 to TaskTwo6 it have to display dates except sat & sun dates)
for TaskFive start day start from 5-10-2017 & working days is 3(so from TaskFive1 to TaskFive3 it have to display dates)
for TaskSix start day starts from 12-10-2017 & working days is 5(so from TaskSix1 to TaskSix5 it have to display)

for better understanding see the excel file (see dates in excel in that way i have to display)

Hi @moinu,

Here is an example FORUM_15397_2.zip (11.3 KB)

(For this example I used a Dictionary to store dates.)