How to get the difference between two dates excluding the weekend days?

Iam kinda new to uipath, starting working with it the past three months.
i want to get the difference between two dates one entered by user and the other is the system date (.NOW) i already made one that gets the difference only but can’t exclude the weekend days.
any help is appreciated.


Try below one:

DateTime.dayOfWeek = Day of week.Saturday and

DateTime.dayOfWeek = Day of week.Sunday

Thank you but it didn’t work i don’t know am i missing a package or doing something wrong.
If u can provide xaml for it would be much appreciated


Please find the attached file. If you have any doubts then let me know.

Date.xaml (19.0 KB)


Thank you very much for ur help. What i needed excatly i didn’t have the idea of using if statement.

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