How to get the data from array data loop by regex

input:“visione.”, “Date”, “PLATFORM”, “SENDER”, “Q.TY (M3)”, “RECEIVER”, “Q.TY (M3)”, “11/10/2022”, “CATANIA”, “MSK”, “19716”, “SIPPCUSA”, “1,3”,

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Hi @jayasri.malleswarapu, welcome to the Community.

You can convert the string into an array & then iterate through the array using the For Each activity. You can use the following expression to convert the given string into an array:

dataArray = inputString.Split({" ", ",", vbCrLf}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)

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Hi ,

I already convert the string as array and put into the loop .That data only I placed as input in the question.I facing issues in get the date from loop by regex