How to get the confirmation that its a full week or not

Hi guys,

I need to implement a logic in my bot that is it a full week or not
like bot needs to run on the first week, but if the first week Monday is not in the current month then the bot will run on the second week.

Please refer the pic, I have written in which week bot should run

Please help, I got stuck over here


You can set that up within triggers - advanced with a cron expression.

E.g.: “0 0 12 ? 1/1 MON#1 *”



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Thanks for replying,

The bot has to run on Thursday,
can you please share the expression,
like in September it has to run on the 8th of September 2022, Thursday.
like in October it has to run on the 6th of October 2022, Thursday.


I think a conditional expression for only full weeks is not possible in Orchestrator yet (Maybe someone will correct me and at least I can´t create a conditional job in Orchestrator). Alternatively you could run it every 2nd week of the month, to make sure you have a full week.

You can also read more here: Using Cron Expressions

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can you create a condition in uipath

you mean like in the flow itself?

You could create a condition to check for full weeks but how will it trigger the bot?

Triggers for bots are set in Orchestrator, and here I don´t know if conditions are even possible yet (I think not).

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Hello @Dmitri00007,

are you still looking for a solution?

I thought about it and you could create one, but it´s probably not recommended - kinda patchwork.

If you set your bot (in Orchestrator) to run the first and second Thursday of each month you could test inside the flow if the condition of full week is met, else do nothing or terminate the flow.

Like I said I don´t think it´s recommended but it would be a possibility if you can´t find another or if it’s just not possible to run the bot each 2nd Thursday.

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