How to get text after each label in a string?

I have a string that contains several labels. How would I get the text/value after each label?

ExString = Account Name: Jane Doe Company: ABC straws Phone: 222333444

i want to get the values for:
Account Name


@happygal321 - Please try this…

To print the multiple group values…Write Line :


you can use the above syntax:


Thanks @prasath17

Can you attach the workflow? I’m not familiar on how to use regex. Thanks

@happygal321 - sure give me sometime…I will send you the sample once I am back…in the meantime please go to youtube and watch few videos about regex uipath. Here is the best one, this is how I learned Regex

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@happygal321 - Here you go Main.xaml (4.8 KB)

Please mark this as solution, if it solves your query.

@happygal321 - Did you tried the xaml ? is it working??

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Thanks for this video, very helpful

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