How to get sub-string from string-data, where sub-string is dynamic each time when it loads on a webpage?

Hi Team,

I have a web-page, where-in a string data exists. My requirement is to get the particular sub-string from the string data and to store it into a clipboard.

For example, string data is “The flood map for the selected area is number 06037C1620F”. Here, I need to get the sub-string “06037C1620F” into the clipboard for future use.

I am able to get the sub-string for the first iteration, but the sub-string value is different for different iterations. So, while going for the second iteration, I am unable to get the required sub-string since it is searching for the same sub-string (06037C1620F) which was existing in first iteration.

Let me know how to get the dynamic strings data to clipboard.

Any help would be appreciable.

Thanks in advance.

@chirag, In this case if the pattern of the string is similar then go with Regex


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