How to get specific multiplecolumns name with data

Check out the XAML file @suraj_gaikwad

06.10.2023_Forum.xaml (8.2 KB)


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@suraj_gaikwad ,

The Excel sheet shared has the columns starting from row 9.

In the Read Range activity, we would require to keep the Range property as A9 and Add Headers option enabled to read the data from that point and have the column names in the Datatable the same as that present in the Excel.

Could you try this step and let us know if you were able to then Filter out the columns as needed.

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Firstly build a Data table with desired Data Columns.
Filter_dt=new datatable
then read the excel file output as dt_Excel


Filter_dt=dt_excel.AsEnumerable.Select(function(row) Filter_dt.LoadDataRow({row(ColumnName),row(ColumnName),r(ColumnNAme)},False)).copytodatatable

Basing on oder of ColumnNames in Filter_dt enter the columnames in Syntax

Hope it was HelpFull!!!

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Issue solved

Thanks for support Everyone

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