How to Get sharepoint File creation time and created by

Hi ,
Have requirement as below

  1. Folder
    a) File A
    b) File B

i want to read the "File A "creation time and created by

Hi @venkat4u

Hope the below thread will be useful.

Thank you.

@Jobin_Joy ,
thank you for quick response.
i have gone through this article. the activity which he mentioned is not available in latest version.
Hence can not use

Hi @venkat4u

Can you try to achieve the same using “Get List Items” activity?


Thank you.

hi @Jobin_Joy ,

Can you guide what is the package yo uwere using as i am not able to find in my existing packages

Here is the one which i tried.

Thank you.

@venkat4u , have you tried the “Get file/folder” ? You can get the necessary information with its help.

@Dumitrita_Crasnojon ,
i tried with Getfile/Folder, but i have doubt, can i able to get the properties for files as well.
As every where it is mentioned about list only.

@venkat4u , so you’re trying to get the properties data for a File on Sharepoint library? or for a record (associated to a file) on the Sharepoint list?

If you have the files in a folder, and you want to go through them one by one and get the properties values, you can use “For each file/folder”. In the activity properties panel you can indicate the exact location of the files.

i am not able to find these details in my studio.