How to get several "get row item" in UiPath

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x is a lambda expression that returns whatever argument it’s provided with.It’s equivalent to a method declaration.


It is also known as the identity function

@aksh1yadav Hi, Please can you explain the code item.ToString+“=”+data I need it for some work.

hey @narayan_shrawagi

That was for debugging to check the values what i am getting :slight_smile: nothing much .


HI @aksh1yadav

my xaml file:
Main.xaml (13.8 KB)

these are details i gave see the two screenshots:

Again why we are using the DataTable here ? see the output screen too 234 records showing ?
In that i am get a data in a single column only is not like in pdf what we expect ?

output of excel sheet find below:
Untitled.xlsx (10.6 KB)

Please find the excate pdf file format how it is ? it has 10 column and two customer name and 12 records only.
see the attchment of pdf file too .
1090444_COMS_Commission Statement[1].PDF (148.3 KB)


Hi Guys,
Below is my requirement,
if the duplicate names exist in column how to select the first row of duplicate column

Thanks…It worked for me :slight_smile:

Could you please let me know how to store certain values in a variable during each iteration (so that i can use it later on in my process) like email, Employee Id ,Department Name.


Hey @Teena

Well it is simple to use Assign Activity with variables having for each body scope.

But it is totally dependent where you want to use it and under which scope . i mean you wanna use them with each iteration same constant value or with each iteration different value till that iteration scope?