How to get previous Tuesday date based on particular date?

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I need syntax / logic to get previous Tuesday date based on particular date.
Can someone help. Thanks in advance

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Hi @swathi_rao,


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Shubham PratapGet Tuesday.xaml (6.6 KB)

Hi @Shubh1801

Same i have done without looping but haven’t post yet bcz it only works correctly if we give input as todays date i.e., DateTime.Now.

But as per the issue is @swathi_rao wants for any particular date so at that time it wont work.
Me too getting it that how it can work dynamically for any data month year.

Here i am attaching my workflow.
Previous Tuesday.xaml (7.2 KB)

If @swathi_rao wants the previous Tuesday depending on todays date then our both workflows are fine.

Hope this may help you to solve your issue
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@Pratik_Wavhal, @Shubh1801
Thank you for the reply but this solution won’t resolve my issue.

I have tried by checking days (Sunday, Saturday,…). I know it is not a best practice but I don’t have other option.

Thank you

@swathi_rao Can you provide What is the input that you want to provide and the Output that you expect with an example. Based on that we might be able to help.