How to get only unhidden sheet names in excel

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I am using Get workbook sheets activity, but it is providing me the names of all hidden and unhidden sheets. I want only unhidden sheet names.
Can someone please help me with this issue.


Hi @Akanksha_Patil1 ,

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Please use this custom activity…It will solve your problem.

Hello @Akanksha_Patil1

As per my understanding you cannot achieve this with the default excel activities. Instead, you can use the custom activity as mentioned in the below post.


Hi @Akanksha_Patil1 ,

Alternately, we could use Invoke Code Activity to get the Sheet names (Visible/Hidden) using Interop.Excel
Could you Check the below workflow : (13.1 KB)

Let us know if this doesn’t help.

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Hey @Akanksha_Patil1 Try this workflow
Don’t forget to change the file name in the invoke code arguments (8.8 KB)

Sreejith S S