How to get mail messages without using generated app password

Does anyone please tell me, is there any possibility of getting mail messages using Get IMAP without generating an app password?


If you are talking about gmail then you need it…

else you can try by switching the two factor authentication off and try normal password

Alternative would be to sync gmail with outlook and then use outlook activities to access


Thanks Much @Anil_G

I will Try it!

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Hi @Anil_G,
I tried the alternative way, but I have to automate several email ids to get mail messages from each mail Id. Is it possible to do it in another way?


Other than app password or the only way you are left is with outlook…but yes if you have many accpunts the. App password is your way

You can try using pop3 instead which might support


Have you tried using the Google Auth activity in the 2FA component pack?

Works very well, albeit I haven’t used it specifically on Gmail.