How to Get mail from Inbox and Inbox subfolders?

Please suggest how to Get mail form Inbox and Inbox subfolders to Excel


You have get mail activity give the required folder names are it would fetch you list of mails. Depending on what type of access that you are looking there are multiple get mail activities available. One of it is this


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Could you describe what is meant by Inbox folder to Excel ?

Hi I need to get mail from inbox and inbox subfolder then extracted email to Excel file.

Can you please suggest the best way?


How to get mail from folder and subfolders the extract to excel


Please use get mail

and then loop through each email and use write cell to write the body of email to excel


For your reference Find the below screen shot. How extract mail from all folders in Inbox



you’ve to give the full path of the Subfolder i.e Inbox\Data in the Properties of GetEmail activity, then loop through each email & use Write range activity to write in an Excel File.

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Here is code for getting all folders under the Inbox folder . then use loop and use get email inside it to get emails from each sub folder

And the Main folder name can be give directly eg: “Inbox”

If something is inside inbox give like this “inbox\Mailfolder”

Hope this is what you need



In the MailFolder Option on the properties panel just add an " \ " to specify the folder, like “Inbox\subfolder”