How to get index of row

Hello fellow,

I have a filter data table DT1 and an original DT2 data table.

If the filter DT1 row match with the original DT2 then I want the index of the DT2 row
How can we do this?

Thanks in advanced

give a try on dt2.Rows.IndexOf(YourDataRowVar)

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For each row in dt1
For each line in dt2
If: row.item(“name”).tostring =
If this condition is satisfied then, use 1 assign activity or message box or logmessage and give the condition dt2.rows.indexof(line)
So this will give the index of the data of 2nd data table. So I have used as indexof(line). If you want the index of matching value of 1st data table then use indexof(row)

Hope this helps.