How to get full Exception Message

How do we get the message details of the exception or log message in the output panel?

I want to mainly get the classes (mainly fileName) of the message details.

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Hey @Sadmim_Hossain1

It’s already available in output logging right ?


I want to get the part popped in the box named ‘Message Details’.

You will get the message from exception by placing an log message with error level logging in catch part and fetch the part of exception like
Exception.message will give you explained message details
or Exception.Source will give you source activity from where exception occured.

message and source doesn’t give the whole passage of Message details

Hi @Sadmim_Hossain1,

The three exception class properties you can explore are

  1. Exception.Message.ToString
  2. Exception.Source.ToString
  3. Exception.InnerException.Message.ToString

Some of the above do not explicitly require .ToString method but nonetheless have included it. These should work in either Log Message activity or Message Box activity. While debugging these can be accessed also in the immediate panel.
In your case, you would want to use the third one ( InnerExcpetion.Message)

Read more on Exception class here : Exception Class (System) | Microsoft Learn



If you want to look for logs after running from studio then Let me tell u a simple way

Once after running the process in studio
Click on output panel and there you can see multiple icons
Check with the last before icon with which you can export the entire logs

Give a try and let us know if you are able to get the desired details

Cheers @Sadmim_Hossain1

Not really,
This is giving the same text as in the output panel.


i don’t think that we can access to all of those values, the only values we can access are this

if you want more details you have to create your own log message