How to get form control(checkbox) info in excel?

hi, i’m tried to get info form control in excel not active control (check or uncheck)
vba or c# or whatever else is fine

i’m using internal network, so can’t use other libraries

plz help me

Hi @rjsekaskfro

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Can you elaborate your task?


hi @Sudharsan_Ka

my process is
Simply receive excel with in form control checkboxes from the other person
and i need a checkbox info , check or uncheck without updating the original excel file

if possible can you share the excel or the data screenshot from the excel here?

i’m testing just add form control checkboxes on test excel file
and i found this code (xlsm format)

If (ActiveSheet.Shapes("Check Box 2").OLEFormat.Object.Value = 1) Then
    Message = "True"
    Message = "False"
End If
MsgBox Message

and test is success, if checkbox 2 is unchecked msgbox(False) printed

close to what i want!

next step is how to apply on UiPath by using invoke code or invoke VBA
can u recommand for me?

Checkout this @rjsekaskfro


how can i conver to vb to ? ActiveSheet is not working
code is

Sub Uncheckallcheckboxes()
If (ActiveSheet.Shapes(“Check Box 2”).OLEFormat.Object.Value = 1) Then
Message = “True”
Message = “flse”
End If
MsgBox Message

End Sub