How to get each value in my array

Hello all I am a new user to UiPath,

I am trying to get all of my arrays by positional values as I need them to be in string format like this: Eg

etc etc

Here is how my currently workflow looks like. The first log message is able to print out all in the array one by one, however it is not in string format. I need it to be in string format in order to use Path Exist




Please open the for loop properties and change the type argument to string

Currently i guess it is object


Yes you are right. Previously it was Object and I have changed it to String.

I have run the program. The path exist activity returned 7 False when I have 10 files. So does this mean it was able to detect that 3 files exist in the folder? Thanks


Ideally yes…if you are sending 10 files and you got 7 false then yes only 3 are detected by path exists activity


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Alright, thank you man :pray: :pray: :pray: you have helped me plenty today

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