How to get Date and Time In an Excel. Can anyone help me out of this issue. Please it's urgent for me

CopyingData_NewExcelSheet.xaml (11.2 KB)

This is my .xaml file in this after executing flow data is transferring but i am not getting date and time format correctly, can you please help me out from this.

In Provided screenshot From AR-AU column i need to get data in date and time format.

can you share the excel file or the current format of date in the excel?

15-05-2022 02:19:00 AM This is the format

Do you need the time or date alone is fine

I need both date and time

Screenshot (154)
I need like this. the data to be formatted.

what is the issue you are facing now

First i have shared on screenshot of excel right i.e after execution of flow i got the output the entire data transmitting but this date and time formats i am getting ######## like that.
i.e from column AR-AU. now, i want data as it is shown in the second screenshot. i.e from column AR-AU.

if you increase the column width of the excel you will be able to see it

Yes i Tried that but there is no Date and Time format only in that its only ###### are present

can you share the excel file?

Hi @sandhyareddy :smile:
Thank you for the file !
This is the output excel file, may you share with us the file before your bot uses it ?