How to get datatable with specified Columns only

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Anyone can help me how to filter DataTable with specified column Values (using Assign Activity only).
In following attachement I want Data Table only “Invoice Item” AND “DATE”.

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Likith Pallela

Hi @likith_rajesh

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You can use the assign activity and use the below expression to filter your datatable.

YourDataTable.Select("[Date] = '01/28/2017' AND [Invoice Item] = 'Concierge Services'")

This will return a DataRow Array. However below change will convert the output to a datatable again

YourDataTable.Select("[Date] = '01/28/2017' AND [Invoice Item] = 'Concierge Services'").CopyToDataTable

If this works for you, please mark the answer as the solution so it will help others as well :slight_smile:

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Hai @Lahiru.Fernando
Thanks for your Response. But I want whole rows with Column names “Date” and “Invoice Item”.

How about this activity

Hi @likith_rajesh,

If you want to use assign statement, use the below expression and store in datatable.

Datatable.Defaultview.totable(false,“Invoice Item”,“Date”)


Hai @anil5 ,
Thanks. Its working fine perfect.

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select column name from table name where condition

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