How to get assets and their values using Swagger API


I am trying to get asset values for a given asset name, using Swagger API call GET /odata/Assets. I am stuck after I get the output from the API as a String. My headers has X-UIPATH-OrganizationUnitID set to my folderid, and in parameters, I have

Accept Format is JSON.
I get the output that contains an array of Jobjects, Jtokens and JArrays. I can see that the output has the name, Id, AssetValue, Type etc but I am struggling to understand how exactly I would get to that part.

Appreciate your help.

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If you have a Swagger file, better use Services:

What’s a swagger file and how do I get it?

Hey @savantsa

Try this please…


I don’t want to create this from a file. I want it from the URL live. The UiPath documentation is not clear on how to do this from a URL as it does not state what that url should be structured. This topic is not covered on the Academy either.

But the good news is I fixed my code for now.

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