How to get array from config in uipath

Hi everyone,

I want to get two arrays of type string and integer from config file. Config(“numbers”).Tostring throws an error.
How can I do it?



Hello @nilesay ,

Store Array in a Settings / Asset Sheet as
Numbers = 1,2,3,4,5

in your Workflow use Assign Activity
NumArray | Data Type = String Array

Assign NumArray = Config(“Numbers”).ToString.Split(","c).ToArray

as an alternate you can store the serialized JSON strings within the config and deserialize it like

For the string array we recommend the split approach as mentioned by Rohith

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please folow these steps.
read config.
make to array as you are using already.
->In assign Activity ->Assign StringArray = Config(“StringList”).ToString.Split(",“c).ToArray
→ In assign Activity -->Assign NumArray = Config(“Numbers”).ToInt.Split(”,"c).ToArray

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