How to get all occurrences using regex pattern

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when I use the above regex pattern in Find Matching Patterns activity, it is able to recognise all the occurences but when I pass this in for each loop it is only the giving the first occurence as output (ABC Bank SAR 0.00 100.00).
But I need both occurences in output.

The required output is : 1. ABC Bank SAR 0.00 100.00 2. XYZ Bank SAR 0.00 6479.00

How to fine tune this?



Check in Locals/Immediate panel while debugging that what’s the value of Split_Lines. It should have groups.

Ashok :slight_smile:

Hi @mohamedalthaf

Your regular expressions not working, try the below regular expressions in the Find Matching Patterns activity,


Check the below image for better understanding,

Check the below workflow,

Hope it helps!!

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Can you share content of input string (if possible, as file using WtiteTextFile activity)?
It may not be same with what expected.


@mkankatala it’s working. Thanks!!

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It’s my pleasure… @mohamedalthaf

Happy Automation!!

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