How to get absolute url from href with http activity in UIPath?

By clicking event, I can download the file from the browser. But I want to download with UIPath, not by browser.
‘Copy Link Address’ only give href link like below.


Is there any way to get an absolute path from href so that I can download it from Http activity?

hello @Mohammad_Nazmul_Alam

you can get the link of an element using “Get Attribute” activity


then you can pass the same link inside HTTP request activity

or you can use UIexplorer to get the URL manually


@Ajju Thanks for your reply,
Actually, from url attribute I get parent url which is shown in browser and same page got reloaded. But we need to download pdf file from href.

@Ajju What about if the URL isn’t the right one of that file (ex-PDF) that he wants to download? If right so, the http request can’t download pdf, rather it will try to refresh that webpage again with that URL attribute.


can you share how it like.
or link to your web page so that what can be done


yes , what you mentioned is correct, but using Get attribute activity you have so many options , but we need to look for the exact attribute, inner text or inner html something related to Link, if @Mohammad_Nazmul_Alam share the website then, can try to get solution


hey @Ajju I’m having the same issue,
by using url attribute, getting the same output as @Mohammad_Nazmul_Alam said.

then i’ve used href but it works only for some of the hyperlinks, again no exact solution.