How to get a mail body in html format (without using get exchange mail activity)


while reading the mail, I need to get the email body in the html format as its in the table format and i need to extract entire table using data scraping. and i tried using get outlook mail messages but it has no ‘isbodyhtml’ option.
is there any other way to fulfill this requirement?

you should use send outlook mail message activity in uipath and instead of trying to scrape the table from mail try to use html code to built the entire table .
In send outlook mail message activity you can use html code in body of activity wherein you can write the code for building the table and click IsBodyHtml option to true.

Actually i m trying to read the email body ( not trying to send email ), so that i can extract the data from body.

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Custom activity to extract tables from email :

It takes mail message as an input and returns a dataset with all the table content in the email.